World of Sound

Audio and Video Production

Audio Production

WoS are able to take your recording project from the initial planning stages right through to the final product, be that for electronic or physical release, our packages can be tailored to suit individual requirements. We are dedicated to using the best suited producers and engineers to any given recording and aim to provide the same high quality to both the professional and amateur music markets. WoS take great pride in keeping the client happy and placing the translation of the music on an equal level with absolute technical quality.

Location Recording

We have several flexible recording rigs for use on location which allow us to transform any venue into a recording studio. Alongside this we can utilize our enviable collection of microphones and other equipment, built up over several years, which allow us a wide choice when selecting the most suitable for a particular job.

Location Recording Packages

Live Events

Live recording is also a speciality of WoS, be it for broadcast, webstream, CD or video release. Our expertise in both audio and video recording is commonly used at venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, Birmingham Symphony Hall and major concert halls across Europe.

Audio Post-production

Our audio production is centred around a SADiE PCM8 digital audio workstation with flexible monitoring from Harbeth, B&W and Genelec as well as a range of outboard equipment from Lexicon, Bricasti and Focusrite amongst others. WoS are able to see a project through the entire post-production process.  Editing, mixing and mastering are all performed in-house to ensure a consistency of quality. We are happy to provide any combination of these services to you. 

Dry Hire

A selection of our equipment is available for hire, please contact us for prices.