World of Sound

Audio and Video Production

Video Production

World of Sound offers a complete solution for your video programme requirements, which has until recently usually resulted in the finished product being a DVD. We work alongside colleagues who are experts in their own field to acquire the footage, and are careful to ensure quality throughout the entire process. For a number of years we have overseen the production of all World of Brass DVDs, including the European Brass Band and Brass in Concert Championships and annual Salvation Army events, from acquisition through editing to the final product.
For live concert recordings we generally use a multi-camera setup and separate multi-track audio recording. The post-production for each of these elements is carried out in our editing facilities in Wellingborough and then combined before final authoring. The audio is usually mixed in Dolby Digital 5.1 (surround sound). The final product can be in any of the current formats, this is often a fully authored DVD but could equally be an H.264 file for online delivery.
Although many of our projects are live concert recordings, we have also worked on studio-based projects, both musical and educational. As with our audio-only projects we bring a bespoke approach to each production as there are so many variables. We aim to always bring quality acquisition, editing, titling, authoring and menu design.