Audio Production

With decades of experience in the recording industry, WoS can assist you through every part of your recording project.  From initial project conception through to final delivery of both files for digital release and physical product, we can help you plan, coordinate and execute the best possible product.

WoS take great care to field the best-suited producers and engineers to all sessions and these same hugely experienced staff will work with you on all aspects of post-production.  Our associated designers are ready to work with you to create eye-catching artwork and our project coordinator will ensure everything happens at the right time so you get your product when you need it.

Location Recording

Our everyday work is ‘classical’ recording on location where our multiple flexible recording rigs can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of your venue and ensemble make-up.  Our enviable roster of equipment has been built up over many years culminating in some of the world’s most desirable microphones running through the most up to date preamps and interfaces to bring the transparent, musical sound we’re known for. 

Audio for video

Our location recording rigs are also custom designed to be as invisible as possible for video work.  With our collection of Schoeps modular microphones, cables and slimline rods along with many other industry standard small diaphragm mics, we can give you full, rich and detailed audio without a forest of microphone stands getting in the way of the perfect shot!

Live Events and Broadcast

Recording or live-streaming a concert can be a daunting task and requires careful planning and multiple levels of backup to ensure nothing is missed.  With years of experience working in the world’s major concert halls and with the very best ensembles you can count on WoS to deliver!

Audio Post-production

Our post-production suites are centred around SADiE and ProTools DAWs with an array of monitoring options from Harbeth, B&W and Genelec.  Editing, mixing and mastering are all performed in-house and whether it’s a Dolby Atmos mix for streaming or DDP creation for final CD delivery, we have the tools and experience to deliver.